Home Renovation
Our clients loved their home but needed more useable space. Working with Living Radius Architecture, we pushed out the back of the home, creating a more functional living area both inside and out! This renovation included the addition of a large deck plus a total renewal of the kitchen.

Now, the family enjoys the south-facing views through the full bank of glass across the back of the home. An extensive folding glass wall system opens out onto a covered deck area, perfect for end-of-day relaxation.

Rich warm-toned hardwood floors add beauty and ambience. Contrasting dark and light-coloured wall and island cabinets create an interesting palette for this updated and renewed kitchen. Well-planned cabinets provide plenty of efficient storage space and counter space for this busy family. Pot lights were strategically placed to provide plenty of light and the unique pendant lights over the island provide task lighting as well as visual interest.

Our clients are thrilled with their new kitchen and it has become a favourite place for the family to hang-out!

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